Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I had so much fun decorating and party-planning for my niece's 1st Birthday Party at a neighborhood park.  There were over 90 people that joined us, so it was a big one! We had water balloons, a delicious cake, a mini "smasher cake" just for Natalie, pictures hanging up high, flowers galore (making the centerpieces was my favorite part), a couple of cute banners made by my sister and friend, a chalkboard for an Instagram hashtag (I'm so glad I finally have a chalkboard now), and loads and loads of food!  We feasted on tri-tip sandwiches, a corn flakes cheesy potato dish, hot link sausages, fruit, salsas, 7-layer dips, chinese chicken salad, mexican wontons, and chicken wings to name a few.  I think she enjoyed herself...we had so much fun!  Thanks to Pinterest for inspiring me with a ton of ideas haha.

I wish this was my life every, mason jars, raffia, and flowers!

Raffia extensions anyone? Hahaha

Here are the finished results....the centerpieces :)

The chalkboard Instagram sign I created!


The happy birthday girl!

The Infamous Smasher Cake!

Group shot of those of us who came early to set up! And Natalie smiling for the camera :)

I just wanted to share a few of the pics we captured from the party.  Thanks to each and every one of you for reading my blog.

<3 Kelly

Friday, August 23, 2013


My one and only beautiful niece had her very first birthday on August 15th!  I finally decided what I wanted to get Rainbow Sandals! If you've never heard of Rainbow Sandals...they're just amazing, great-quality flip flops.  I sadly don't even have a pair of my own (they're about $50)....but my sisters do! At least my niece will match her mommy and her other Auntie :)

And thennnnnn.......after I bought the mini Rainbow Sandals, I saw these!! Pink/Denim Vans Sneakers!!! Aren't they cute?! I had to get them too!  My niece was looking so stylish at her birthday party....she wore the Vans to her party :)

Everything mini/baby is so hard to resist!! I can't believe I bought her both pairs of shoes...but she's so worth it :) Hahaha and of course I had to do a little photo shoot of the shoes I got her.  You should see the two pairs of shoes that my mom got her!! 

I'll be sharing the pics from her 1st Birthday Party very soon!! Decorating/party prepping for that was so much fun! Even though there were almost 100 people attending!

<3 Kelly

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Okay...I went a little crazy and bought four new nail polishes the other day.  Yes...I know.  I don't need any more nail polish, but I just couldn't resist!

I bought all four of these from Wal-Mart with my gift card and I am in love with all four of them!

From Left to Right: 

Milani Nail Lacquer in Lavender Fizz
Sinful Colors Professional in Tempest
Sinful Colors Professional in Matte Dream On
FLOWER in Good Bud-dy

I am absolutely obsessed with purple...if you couldn't tell, and I have been eyeing the Milani purple shimmer nail polish for a while.  I am so glad I finally purchased it!   Right now, I have the Tempest on my nails, with the Lavender Fizz on my accent nail....and I am in love!  Both of the formulas are perfect!  Tempest is probably one of my absolute favorite shades I have ever worn, and I know I'll be repurchasing it in the future.  Also, I have never been so happy with a glitter nail polish before! The glitter in the Lavender Fizz is so fine and it looks so rich! It's hard to believe it is only a few dollars.

I put the pink Dream On nail polish on my toes! I had no idea it was a matte polish until it dried.  Oops! It is such a fun, bright color that I couldn't resist picking it up....but I wish it were the normal shiny finish instead of the matte finish.  All that being said, I still love it! It is a great formula, isn't sticky,and is super smooth when applying.  

I have yet to try the Drew Barrymore Flower nail polish in Good Bud-dy, but I just know it's going to be amazing! I mean...look at that color!


I just wanted to share my purchases with you lovely ladies!
Do you like the colors I chose?

<3 Kelly

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!!  Sorry for the delay...but I'm happy to say I'm back to the blogging world! Ahhhh.  Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement while I have been stressing at work doing 3 jobs (today I was doing 5!)  I'm hoping it'll get better soon...or I hope they give me a raise! (yeah right)

One of my favorite things about going to school was buying office supplies! It used to be so fun to get the new hot pencils...I remember having *NSYNC pencils, *NSYNC folders, *NSYNC binders, .....the list goes on! Sadly, I have graduated from college and don't need to buy school supplies anymore. So instead, I decided to buy new office supplies!! WOO!

I don't know why, but I wanted to share my favorite office/school supplies!

Fine Point Sharpies in amazinggggg colors

Papermate Flair Felt-Tip Pens
Papermate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencils 

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens (Bolder is better)

I purchased these all from Wal-Mart.  Yes. Wal-Mart.  (I am not a fan of Wal-Mart, but I had a gift card to use...and they have amazingly cheap prices)


Are any of you obsessed with buying office supplies like I  am? What are your faves?

I hope you're all having a fantastic week!

<3 Kelly

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