Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!!  Sorry for the delay...but I'm happy to say I'm back to the blogging world! Ahhhh.  Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement while I have been stressing at work doing 3 jobs (today I was doing 5!)  I'm hoping it'll get better soon...or I hope they give me a raise! (yeah right)

One of my favorite things about going to school was buying office supplies! It used to be so fun to get the new hot pencils...I remember having *NSYNC pencils, *NSYNC folders, *NSYNC binders, .....the list goes on! Sadly, I have graduated from college and don't need to buy school supplies anymore. So instead, I decided to buy new office supplies!! WOO!

I don't know why, but I wanted to share my favorite office/school supplies!

Fine Point Sharpies in amazinggggg colors

Papermate Flair Felt-Tip Pens
Papermate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencils 

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens (Bolder is better)

I purchased these all from Wal-Mart.  Yes. Wal-Mart.  (I am not a fan of Wal-Mart, but I had a gift card to use...and they have amazingly cheap prices)


Are any of you obsessed with buying office supplies like I  am? What are your faves?

I hope you're all having a fantastic week!

<3 Kelly

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  1. Buying new supplies is my favorite part about going back to school!

  2. I love buying new stationary. It's so fun! Especially when your an artist, you have to get lots of creative stuff. XD

    Amyloo xx

  3. reminds me of old time at school :)

  4. I LOVE sharpies. That is all.

  5. I love school supply/office supply shopping! My dad used to take me and my sister to Staples as kids just for fun. Great memories. :)

  6. I love buying office supplies... although it takes me forever because I have to buy just the right ones, right combinations, colors, etc... it's quite the process lol!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  7. I am a office supplies junkie, which works because I work in the office of a college bookstore that sells office supplies :P

    I also wanted to let you know I nominated this blog for a Liebster Award here:

    Jenna ♥ ♥

  8. I LOVE shopping for school supplies! I'm actually going right now! Finding cute binders and notebooks just make work so much better! :)

  9. I actually hardly ever buy office supplies anymore! I do almost all of my uni work on my laptop :)