Saturday, November 2, 2013


My family and I were lucky enough to go on vacation to Yosemite National Park all last week.  By lucky...I mean the Government Shutdown ended two days before our trip (that we scheduled 5 months ago!).  We used to go to Yosemite every Easter break for a week, have Easter Sunday Brunch at the Awahnee Hotel, and enjoy RV camping and eating the best food ever, courtesy of my mom.

Because of school and Spring Break schedules, we haven't been to Yosemite for 12 years....and this was our first trip back :)  Unfortunately one of my sisters (and her hubby and daughter) weren't able to go with us, but I can't wait to go as a whole big family next year!  It was a bit different this time...since all of the waterfalls and lakes did not have water.  I guess it's normal for this time of year.  Nonetheless, the views, the weather, everything was perfect.

My favorite thing would have to be the hundreds and hundreds of beautiful trees with yellow leaves everywhere.  It was truly breathtaking.

Oh...and I dyed my hair a darker brown/red and chopped off 10 inches since I last blogged!

Here are just a few of the pics I wanted to share...

The beautiful Half Dome

My first of seven plates at The Awahnee Brunch

This is the meadow we biked and walked across every day

Channeling my inner eskimo :)

Ready for a nice day with my mom and sister!

The views were breathtaking!

Stacked rocks at Mirror Lake....with Half Dome in the back!

The fam bam!

Walking to Yosemite Falls...such beautiful trees! 

Yellow leaves, pink leaves....everywhere!

Nightly campfires with s'mores were a must!

I loved this funky tree!

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<3 Kelly


  1. Wow, these pictures are absolutely breathtaking! It looks like a wonderful trip.

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Thank you so much, Sofie! I truly enjoyed taking the pictures!

  2. pictures are amazing!! This place looks like a place I would just love :) really want to visit here at some point

    Katie xx | Katies World

    1. Thank you!!! It is a beautiful place to visit and stay!

  3. Beautiful photos! I've never been to Yosemite, but I'd love to go!

  4. these are beautiful pics! makes me want to visit. looks like you had a blast.

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    1. Oh my! You are so sweet...thank you! Yosemite is beautiful!

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  7. great photography! They can be used for postcards or something. colors are vibrant, i love it!


  8. Looks like an amazing trip. I love all the colours of the leaves x

  9. An amazing trip with adorably shot. I love to visit Yosemite, but never had a chance. Seems like you’re enjoying playing. - Tropical Life Style